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Previous IGSC Conferences
IGSC 2022 Live, Virtual Conference, October 2022
IGSC 2021 Live, Virtual Conference, October 2021
IGSC 2020 Live, Virtual Conference, October 2020
IGSC 2019 Alexandria, VA, USA, October 2019
IGSC 2018 Pittsburgh, PA, USA, October 2018
IGSC 2017: Orlando, FL, US, October 2017 (the link to this site will be available in the near future)
IGSC 2016 Hangzhou, China, November 2016
The links to the following prior IGSC sites are no longer available:

IGSC 2015: Las Vegas, NV, December 2015

IGSC 2014: Dallas, TX, October 2014

IGSC 2013: Arlington, VA, June 2013

IGSC 2012: San Jose, CA, June 2012

IGSC 2011: Orlando, FL, July 2011

IGSC 2010: Chicago, IL, July 2010

October 28-29 2023, Toronto, ON, Canada, co-located with MICRO'23.

THE 14th international GREEN

 and sustainable computing CONFERENCE

Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society & TC Parallel Processing
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