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NOTE 1: Due to persistent uncertainties due to the COVID pandemic, IGSC 2022 will be held as a Live, Video Streaming Virtual Conference (details To Be Announced).  


NOTE 2: We will publish all paper in IEEE Xplore.


IGSC’22 provides a forum for presenting and discussing innovative research on a broad range of topics in the fields of sustainable and energy-efficient computing and computing for a more sustainable planet. The conference consists of technical papers, panels, workshops, and a PhD Forum on these topics. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Design and Implementation of HW/SW Platforms:

  • Self-sustaining sensing and edge computing,

  • Power-aware middleware solutions,

  • Efficient circuit design and domain-specific architectures for energy harvesting,

  • Low-power/thermal-aware systems, circuits, and architectures (e.g., embedded and CPS systems, ASICs, reconfigurable computing, on-chip networks),

  • Power-aware neuromorphic systems,

  • Integrated operation of heterogeneous computing cores,

  • Low-power memory systems.

Energy-Aware and Thermal-Aware Resource Management Algorithms:

  • Smart control for reduced energy and power,

  • Advanced and predictive models for energy, power and temperature,

  • Power-aware scheduling for real-time systems,

  • Software-defined networking for energy-efficient distributed systems,

  • Data analytics for energy efficiency.

Application Design and Methodologies:

  • Sensor networks for climate and ecosystem monitoring,

  • Self-organized multiagent systems,

  • Smart grids, smart cities, smart manufacturing,

  • Intelligent transportation systems,

  • Autonomous and mobile systems,

  • Renewable energy systems,

  • Data center optimization and management,

  • Management of cloud computing systems.


Trending Topics and Special Sessions 2022:

IIGSC seeks proposals for Trending Topics and/or Special Sessions. Proposals for Special Sessions should include biosketches of the proposers, a brief description of the proposed topic and its importance, and a list of potential speakers/authors in the Special Session. Please submit Special Session proposals to one of the TPC Co-Chairs.

Paper submission guidelines:

IGSC 22 welcomes submissions that have not been published and that are not under review by other conferences or journals. All submissions will be rigorously evaluated on their originality, technical soundness, significance, presentation, and interest to the conference attendees. Please refer to the IGSC website ( for specific instructions related to paper submission.  IGSC bestows a best paper award as selected by a technical committee.

Paper publication:  

IGSC 22 uses a dual publication model comprised of (1) journal-integrated conference papers and (2) Proceedings of the IGSC Workshops. 

(1) All papers accepted in the main IGSC 22 conference will be published in the Elsevier journal Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems (SUSCOM) as journal papers.  SUSCOM currently has an impact factor of 2.789.  (2) All papers or abstracts accepted in or invited to IGSC Workshops or Research Forum will be published in the Proceedings of the IGSC Workshops in IEEE Xplore..


Proposals are solicited for workshops to be held in conjunction with the conference. Proposals should be submitted to one of the Workshops Co-Chairs.


Student Research Forum:

The forum solicits extended abstract submissions from MS and doctoral students engaged in research on sustainable and energy-efficient computing as well as poster and project demos from all researchers, faculty, and students. Please refer to the IGSC website for submission instructions.


Industrial Partners:

The conference seeks industry partners and sponsors with opportunities for them to showcase their technologies. Please contact one of the General Co-Chairs.


Important dates:

Conference paper submission:  June 4, 2022

Reviewer deadline:  July 16, 2022

Deadline for submitting Workshop and Special Session proposals: June 21, 2022

Deadline for submitting to Student Research Forum: See Research Forum Page

Notifications to authors: August 5, 2022


General Co-Chairs:

Muhammad Shafique (New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE),

Hai (Helen) Li (Duke University, USA),

Technical Program Co-Chairs:

Selma Saidi (TU Dortmund, Germany),

C. Mani Krishna (University of Massachusetts- Amherst, USA),

Workshops Co-Chairs:

Sai Manoj (George Mason University, USA),

Ishan Thakkar (University of Kentucky, USA),

Research Forum & Student Support Co-Chairs:

Mahdi Nikdast (Colorado State University, USA),

Arman Roohi (University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA),

Publications Chair:

Fei Li (George Mason University, USA),

Financial Chair:

Xin Fu (University of Houston, USA),

Publicity Chair:

Fan Chen (Indiana University Bloomington, USA),

Trending Topics & Special Sessions Chair:

Amlan Ganguly (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA),

IEEE TCPP Liaisons:

Theo Theocharides (University of Cyprus, Cyprus),

Michele Magno (ETH Zurich, Switzerland),

Web Chair:

Linghao Song (University of California Los Angeles, USA),

November 3 2024, Austin, TX, USA, co-located with MICRO'24.

THE 15th international GREEN

 and sustainable computing CONFERENCE

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