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IGSC WORKSHOPS -- October 22, 2018

Power/Energy Management at Extreme Scale Workshop
Organizers: Ryan Grant, Sandia National Laboratories and Barry Rountree, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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Scope: The aim of workshop is to bring together researchers and developers to present and discuss innovative algorithms and concepts in the power/energy management of High Performance Computing systems and to create a forum for open and potentially controversial discussions on the future of power management in the Exascale era. Possible workshop topics include innovative algorithms for managing power budgets at system scale, job power management , management and optimization of energy/power at the node level and scalable monitoring methods.


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Energy-Efficient and Secure Computing Systems
Organizers: Emre Salman Stony Brook University and Baris Taskin, Drexel University
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Scope: Energy-efficiency and security have emerged as primary design objectives for future computing systems. A cross-layer approach is critical to achieve the desired level of security while ensuring high energy efficiency. This workshop will bring together papers that target these design objectives at different abstraction levels. Both traditional/low-risk as well as long term/high-risk approaches are discussed. As such, the proposed special session targets a broad audience at the circuit, architecture, and systems levels.

By invitation; please contact the organizers

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Towards Quantum Computing for Sustainable Computing
Organizers: Himanshu Thapliyal, University of Kentucky and Travis Humble, Oak Ridge National Laboratories
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Scope: This workshop will showcase several exciting papers about Quantum Computing and its impact on sustainability in computing. The organizers invite novel contributions in this field.

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Energy-efficient Networks of Computers (E2NC): from the Chip to the Cloud
Organizers: Jacob Murray, Washington State University and Amlan Ganguly, Rochester Institute of Technology
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Scope: As part of the IEEE International Green and Sustainable Computing conference, a special workshop termed Energy-efficient Networks of Computers: from the Chip to the Cloud (E2NC) will be organized to address various design aspects of power efficient and dependable computing infrastructures from the perspective of the interconnection networks. Computing machinery around the world consumes staggering amounts of energy. The increasing power consumption of Integrated Circuits has plagued the semiconductor industry for years. Soaring power dissipations have proved to be the limiting factor for increase in performance. Complex digital integrated circuits consisting of multiple components or cores form the underlying hardware for these massive computing infrastructures. Warehouse-scale computers powered by such multicore chips have applications in several important domains ranging from scientific applications like weather or economic forecasting, astronomical data analysis, bioinformatics applications, to even consumer electronics. Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and General Purpose GPUs (GPGPUs) and heterogeneous systems with CPUs, GPUs, memories, and programmable fabrics provide the computational backbone for not only graphics-based applications but many data parallel tasks as well. The Internet of Things (IoT) with billions of connected devices pose new challenges to the problem of connectivity and scale. All these computing infrastructures consist of interconnected or networked components. The role of the interconnection therefore becomes paramount in determining the performance and efficiency of these hardware. In addition, the reliability and security of these networked computing modules will also determine their sustainability and suitability in the near and distant future. This workshop will encompass a broad range of topics related to power efficiency and dependability of modern interconnected computing machinery at various scales from multicore chips to IoT, datacenters, and the cloud. Its objective is to facilitate exchange of valuable information and ideas among researchers and practitioners. The workshop will consist of invited presentations and peer-reviewed research papers.

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Works in Progress in Green and Sustainable Computing
Organizers: Amlan Ganguly, Rochester Institute of Technology and Behrooz Shirazi, Washington State University
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Scope: This workshop will showcase exciting, contemporary works in progress in research related to various topics in green and sustainable computing.  The workshop will consist of invited and peer-reviewed research papers.

Submission site:

November 2-6 2024, Austin, TX, USA, co-located with MICRO'24.

THE 15th international GREEN

 and sustainable computing CONFERENCE

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